Scorpio General Tarot Reading – August 2022

Scorpio, your work life will be a big focus this month. Either you will be busier than usual at work or will be starting a new or additional job. Either way, this will boost your income and ease some of the strain you have been feeling recently. That’s not to say that it will be smooth sailing unfortunately, as it does seem that you will be putting in a lot of effort on the work front in order to succeed. It’s not all work now though as you will be looking for adventure and excitement too and won’t be disappointed! Things also seem to have been quite on the relationship front for a few months and you will see changes there too this month. If you are single, there is the possibility of a new romance now. There is also potential for a lump sum of money to make its way to you, possibly in the form of winnings. Abundance is drawn to you now. You will also find yourself feeling more competitive throughout August, as well as drawn to learning something new.

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