Sagittarius General Tarot Reading – August 2022

Sagittarius, you may start the month feeling a little down and demotivated as it feels as though your world, particularly your work or business life, has been at a standstill for some time. However, during the first week of August you will notice a shift. It is time to think big now and start laying the way for when things really start to take off again towards the end of the month.  At the same time as work gets busy, you will also be rethinking and rehashing your love life. This will be a theme for you until April of 2023, by which time you will find that your existing relationship is running much more smoothly and to your liking, or else you will have moved on. For singles, the next 6 months or so can bring a new relationship to your life and you will find that it is like none you have been in before. Watch for minor ailments in the next few weeks.

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