General Tarot Reading for Cancer – October 2022

Cancer, as the month begins you realize that you have been undergoing some lessons in adaptability as something changed for you recently and caused an upheaval in your routines. You are also beginning to see that you have much more internal power and resolve then you previously believed. You suddenly have an ability to go with the flow rather than needing to always be in control of every detail. As October progresses there is even more change for you and there’s a huge need to find a balance to be effective. This is possibly juggling two situations, for example home and work. Despite everything there will still be times over the next few weeks where you perhaps feel overwhelmed and possibly burdened, as new and ever pressing responsibilities appear to be coming your way thick and fast. If you feel your confidence dwindling just make sure to take a short break and regroup and you’ll come back stronger than ever. It is also important to establish clear boundaries where necessary as this is going to be a demanding time for you, but one that will ultimately lead to bigger and better things.