General Tarot Reading for Libra – August 2022

Libra, you seem to have not been your usual sunny and sociable self lately, needing much more alone time than is normal for you. You do appear to be doing some planning for the future right now but in a very insular way and oddly for the sign of relationships, it seems to be something you want to do by yourself. Finances appear to have been strained for you lately and you have either been playing catch up or borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. There is a good chance that this situation will ease a little for you this month as income will be a little higher than of late. If your relationship has been unbalanced, that will also improve now, although you and your partner could be spending more time apart than is usual. You could also be focusing more on your health and daily routines now as you are feeling change is needed and both need to be more streamlined. Travel is well starred now and especially if you are planning a trip overseas.

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