General Reading for Taurus – August 2022

Taurus, you begin the month dealing with a situation that has been quite out of balance and possibly has you feeling frustrated and annoyed. Someone or something has been putting the brakes on a project or situation that is important to you and there is something that seems a little unjust to this. You will find that this situation quickly changes, partly because you are putting your foot down and making a decision that’s best for you instead of waiting for others to make up their minds. You should find some relief from this on the 8th as is a much lighter energy and you feel that you can take a break from worrying for a short time. The 9th may find you concerned about any decision you made the previous day but try not to overthink this as before August comes to an end, you discover something that was previously hidden or just not obvious. You could also find new opportunity opening up for you on the job front and close relationships should begin to feel smoother.

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