General Reading for Gemini – August 2022

Gemini, if communication and personal relationships have felt difficult recently you should find that these things become easier in August. This should be quite an auspicious time for you and your family, and you could be on a quest for personal development. You will possibly want to take time out for yourself this month as you feel that you need a break mentally and emotionally. There is also the possibility of a career or job change, or there could be a promotion in the works. One specific relationship, whether that’s work or personal, is changing significantly or else coming to an end altogether. It appears that something comes to light that pushes you into a decision in this area. August 7th to 17th looks to be an especially busy time for you and could be quite auspicious. Travel also seems to be on the horizon in the middle of the month, although it could also just be a short break as opposed to long distance travel. This could be related to getting to know your locality and the culture better or else you are delving more deeply into a spiritual mindset.

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