No one believes in magic anymore. We have been shown by television and other media that magic is illusory and nothing more than clever tricks and sleight of hand. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If we look back into history; it is filled with magic and magical beings. Every nation on Earth has a history filled with Witches, Wizards and sorcery; although they went by various names, their roles remained the same and they cast magical spells and foretold the future.

There were and are many ways to foretell the future, from scrying to reading tealeaves and somewhere in between is the casting or Runes. The origin of Runes is tied to the god Odin who is credited with their discovery.

Legend has it that Asgard; the city of the gods ruled by Odin, sits at the top of a tree called Yggdrasil, whose braches span the whole universe and connect different worlds together. The tree itself grows from a well where three maidens, known as Norns, dwell and it is these maidens who determine the fate of mankind by carving Runes onto the bark of Yggdrasil. The Runes carry the intentions that their symbols hold to every part of the tree, which in turn affects the whole universe.

Odin was known to pursue wisdom at any cost; in another of his quests; he sacrificed his right eye for a sip of water from Mimir’s Well, known as the well of wisdom, in order to gain knowledge. He sat one day observing the Norns shaping destiny with their runes and was jealous of their power. Knowing that insight into the power of the Runes required great sacrifice, in order to prove worthiness; Odin hung himself from the branches of Yggdrasil and impaled himself on a spear.

He gave orders that no one should aid him and he hung there for nine days and nights on the edge of death, peering into the abyss. At the end of the ninth night, the Runes accepted his sacrifice and revealed their secrets and power to him. knowledge of the Runes made Odin an invincible warrior, able to heal wounds and render his enemies weapons useless.

This story is often presented as a parable which teaches that only through sacrifice can we attain wisdom. There is though a great deal of material which suggests that Odin and numerous other gods actually walked the Earth alongside men.

It is clear from Biblical scripture that Astrology was taught to men by one of the Fallen Angels named  Kokabiel. The Fallen Angels (Nephilim) were sent by God to watch over mankind and before their fall were known as The Watchers. It seems that The Watchers were so attracted to human women that they forgot their duties and mated with them. The resulting offspring; being giants, were an abomination to God and the cause of The Flood.

The Bible states that the stars are for signs and in the book of Daniel there are several references to Astrology taking place in Egypt. The narration from The Old Testament aligns with documents such as The Emerald Tablet and the Hermetica which are attributed to Hermes Trismegistus who is also known as the god Thoth who was credited by the Egyptians as the originator of all sciences and by the Greeks as the inventor of Astrology.

There are of course many other cultures from all over the world whose history includes Astrology and there is very strong evidence that the three wise men (Magi) of the Bible who came from the East were Sorcerers and Astrologers from China who saw evidence of the birth in the stars. The Mayan civilization known around the world for their calendar which ended in 2012 also claim that their knowledge came from a god known as known as Quetzalcoatl.

While we are told that these stories of Gods and magic are all myth and legend; Astrology accurately predicts the future and while science tells us that the solar system is travelling through space at 515,000 mph, the constellations strangely NEVER change.

Some of us live in a world where everything is known and explained. Some of us live in a world where magic is real and the gods gave us the means to see the future through the stars.