Mystery Schools – The Great Work

To the Freemasons God is known as Adonai, which simply means Lord. They believe that Adonai and Lucifer are the two aspects of the one God. They believe that Lucifer is the force for good and Adonai the force for evil. The aim of the Great Work is to destroy both aspects and leave the way open to the Heavens above where the “real Gods” dwell.

The story is as follows, the Goddess Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom: Isis) bore a child. She was ashamed of her child and before the birth was discovered by the other Gods she threw her child from Heaven: She cast it away from her, outside that place, that no one of the immortal ones might see it, for she had created it in ignorance. And she surrounded it with a luminous cloud, and she placed a throne in the middle of the cloud that no one might see it except the Holy Spirit who is called the mother of the living.

The child was the God of the Bible, known to his mother as Yaldabaoth, to the Masons as Adonai and to the Christians as Yahweh or I AM. Being alone and knowing nothing of the heavens above and the true Gods, Adonai created the world as the Bible states but is merely a Demiurge. The Free Masons believe that as everything in this realm has it’s opposite; that the opposite of Adonai is Lucifer.

Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom, she is Gaia to the Greeks  (the Goddess who brought Order out of Chaos)  Durga to the Hindu’s, Inanna and Ishtar to the Sumerians  Diana to the Romans and as mentioned in a prior article; Mary to the Catholics. Isis is the widowed wife and sister of Osiris and the virgin mother and wife of Horus; hers is the story of the dark virgin birth of God.

As Isis has her different names in the different languages, so does Osiris, he is Apollo, Apollyon, Abaddon, Nimrod, Cronos, Pan and Shiva. Their child Horus, is the dark equivalent of Christ and his symbol is the all seeing eye.

Isis, or Sophia is the lowest of the immortals who resides in the lowest of the Aeons: Pleroma which is one of many heavens where the immortals dwell. The Great Work of Gnostics is to merge Adonai with Lucifer in order that he be destroyed. In doing so, it is supposed that the way to the Pleroma will be opened and mankind will ascend to Heaven.

The story of Sophia et al can be traced to the Coffin Texts of ancient Egypt, which included texts known as the Book of Thoth; written by Thoth the Atlantean. This is the basis for the beliefs of the Gnostics, which is also known as Dualism. Dualism is essentially Alchemy, which in turn is Hermeticism. The stories of men attempting to turn base metals into gold come from those who took that metaphor literally when it simply means to turn man into a god using knowledge.

The knowledge that the Gnostics hold is vast and complex and cannot be reproduced in such a short article, it will therefore be condensed and summarised here. The nature of this realm is dualistic: everything has its nature and that nature has degrees i.e.; we refer to temperature as being hot and cold but there is not a point on the scale of measurement where hot becomes cold or vice versa, yet it has opposites. The same is true of good and evil, it is one and the same thing, which varies only by degree; some things are neither good nor evil but there is no point where good becomes evil nor vice versa.

This is expanded to cover objects; the Sun has it’s opposite which is the Moon, male has its opposite in female and the mind its opposite in the body. In turn everything that exists has its male and female nature and this includes the Gods: Yao: his feminine name is Lordship, Sabaoth: his feminine name is Deity, Adonaios: his feminine name is Kingship, Elaios: his feminine name is Jealousy, Oraios: his feminine name is Wealth And Astaphaios: his feminine name is Sophia (Wisdom). These are the seven forces of the seven heavens of chaos which form the Aeons.

It is the female nature which creates, under the guidance of the male and this brings us to the Mystery of the Trinity. A person has several aspects which make up his whole, they are the mind, the spirit and the soul. The soul is encapsulated within the body, the soul is made of fire and the body; earth. The spirit animates the body and the mind controls all. 

This realm is mental, though it is perceived as physical. Nothing exists that is not in motion, everything is in a constant state of change. All matter is comprised of particles: atoms, protons, neutrons etc, all vibrating at different frequencies. Because this realm is mental, it can be affected by the mind and this is one form of magic.

If we picture something in our mind, a lamp for example; one part of us is able to view this lamp and this is known as the Me, the part that created the image is the female aspect and this is known as the I. Freud calls these the Ego and the Id and assigns them qualities in order to understand human behaviour but human behaviour arises from a lack of understanding of what and who we are and our purpose in this reality.

We are the soul within a body. We are not the body, the body is the vehicle in which we experience this world. The body has its wants and needs and has very powerful emotions. Human behaviour is simply the body following its natural animal urges, without the restraint of the mind. The mind can easily control the emotions, wants and needs of the body by willing it. The purpose of this life is to rule the body with the mind, to exert control where none exists and to become worthy of eternal life.

Being only mind and soul; the ways in which we can interact with this world are limited. We can affect things physically, that is by touching or moving. We can affect it verbally, by speaking or shouting, we can affect it with writing, with letters symbols and drawings and we can affect it with our minds.

Everything that we experience on Earth is experienced solely in the mind. Of course we feel the things that the body feels but it is the mind which has the experience. When we feel sorrow, the body reflects the sorrow, perhaps with tears but it is experienced only by the mind, it does not exist within the world. All suffering is done within the mind, all love is in the mind.

The most common way that we interact with the world is the spoken word. The vast majority of ordinary people pay little to no attention to the words that come out of their mouth and this is the cause of most of the ill in the world. The words that we speak have great power, they have the power to kill and the power to heal. Think of the suicides caused by jilted lovers, think of the speeches by megalomaniacs. Words not only affect the person or people to whom they are spoken but the very world itself.

It is important to remember Newton’s third Law or The Law of Cause and Effect which are one and the same. Every cause has its effect and every effect, its cause. Given the very limited ways in which we are able to interact with the world, almost all of the effects that ordinary people have on the world can be traced back to the spoken or written word. Yet they are spoken (cause) carelessly, with barely a thought to the consequences (effect) which might arise from them.

Matthew 15:11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

The written word holds far more power than the spoken word and it is no coincidence that as we learn how to write we are taught how to spell. This is not merely semantics, the written word can have profound effects on the world in which we live. One might consider how many Christians there would be without the written words of The Bible, or how society would function without written laws.

The written word holds so much power that we obey a sign which informs us to keep off the grass without a second thought. It is so powerful that every notion we have about the world is passed on through writing. The very fabric of the reality of the world that we are in was weaved with the written word.

Where did we come from? We were taught the answer and shown The Big Bang Theory as proof. The Origin of Species is proof that we evolved. The Gregorian Calendar is proof of our position in time. Every single idea that we hold as truth comes from the written word.

Nothing is real and lasting until it is written down. A child does not exist until it is registered. Money is simply a concept until printed (or typed into a computer). The act of writing words is in and of itself an act of creation.

More powerful than the written word is the symbol and symbols include numbers. A symbol can represent an idea or an entire philosophy and numbers can explain the workings of unseen powers. The Baphomet is a representation of the entire beliefs of the Mystery Schools. The number seven is the number of God and the number of completion. Two symbols are easily able to convey the most mysterious and most powerful concepts known to man.

Numbers, while being symbols, also have their own nature and are the stuff that the world is made from. As aforementioned; the world is mental rather than physical and it is constructed according to mathematical principles. All of the beauty of nature comes from one simple formula: 1.618, The Golden Ratio.

Because the world is built from mathematics, the rules of mathematics apply to it and The Monty Hall Problem is one example of the real world application of maths. In The Double Slit Experiment we see that photons react differently depending on whether they are being observed, showing that the mind itself affects the physical aspects of reality itself.

The Mystery Schools are well aware of the power of symbols and they use them not only as a means of communication but as a means to control. Symbols are magical and they control the world. This will be the subject of the next article.