Aquarius General Reading –August 2022

Aquarius, you will want to do your own thing this month. There’s nothing too unusual about that, but you will need to be careful now not to antagonise the people close to you. There is the potential for a fair bit of fighting during August, particularly if you don’t take your nearest and dearest into account or make decisions without running it by them first. August 7th is a day to watch out for. Choose your words carefully or you risk an all-out war at home even if you were just deploying your unusual sense of humour. On the 11th, you will be the one feeling overly sensitive and things may just come to a head that day. While the main focus is on you and your close relationships, as the month moves on you will be looking at your personal finances and figuring out new ways to make your money work better for you or ways to bring in extra income.

You may also come to a realisation that the people you have concerned yourself with for years, aren’t necessarily the best for you and that you need to make some changes in this area.

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