Astrology and Colour

Astrology and Colour
Part 1 – Leo

Each of the 12, astrological signs, are associated with their own colour. In this first, of a 12-part series, we will look at the correlation, between Astrology and colour, as well as the Gemstone, Tarot Card and Rune for Sun Sign, Leo (July 23 – August 22).

Leo is ruled by the sun and is linked to the colour Orange and the various Oranges in the spectrum, including Gold, which is quite pertinent for our Regal Lion. Orange is optimistic and bright and fits the Leo personality, very well, adding warmth and creativity and also, encourages growth in career and relationships These colours, also help to enhance self-esteem and charisma. Other colours that work well for Leo, are yellows, creams and reds.

Leo’s birthstone, is Peridot, a green semi-precious mineral. Peridot is a stone, of positive power, love, healing and abundance. When used positively, it can help expand your ability, to receive from the universe and is said, to possess, magical powers. It can also help strengthen, the wearers’, protective and caring instinct. Peridot, is found in all shades of green, and the Roman’s called it ‘the emerald of the evening’. Other Leo birthstones, include Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite.

Leo’s is ruled by the Strength Tarot card. In most deck’s, you will see that the Lion, is the central figure. Very fitting. Leo is usually, the centre of attention! Most Leo’s, are also, usually, fearless, just like the Lion, not to mention, strong, both physically and emotionally. Strength, is the 8th card of the Major Arcarna, in the Tarot deck, and corresponds to August, the 8th month. 8 is symbolic of infinity, generosity and karma. The strength card, portrays, limitless energy, which is another Leo trait.

Each zodiac sign, is ruled by two different runes. For Leo, they are Hagalaz and Naudiz.
Hagalaz, is associated, with a major shift of energy. The name, translates, as hail. It is the rune of shocking change and big transformations. It may seem like an awful rune, but it is usually necessary change, leading to better things. It pertains, to challenges, which bring strength, a very Leo trait.
Naudiz, is about delays and restriction. These things again, lead to strength, along with innovation, once again, perfectly aligned with Leo traits. These things lead to major change, usually, self change. It gives Leo, the perfect opportunity, to prove that they can rise above the challenges.