General Reading for Gemini – October 2022

Gemini, October sees you embroiled in an exhilarating and intense situation that seems to be quite new but also reasonably well established. This is a partnership of some kind and could be either a romantic or business relationship. Either way it seems as though you do want to take it to the next level but are having some doubts. There’s some anxiety attached to this, but it has more to do with your mindset than any basis in fact. The reality is that you thought long and hard before moving forward with this in the first place and spent quite some time putting any previous fears on to the back burner. If you take a detached look at this situation, you’ll see that it is a lot more secure than you have been feeling and makes you happier than you have been in some time. Now you just have to make a conscious effort to push away those doubts and decide that you are jumping in with both feet.