Pisces General Tarot Reading – October 2022

Pisces, October brings rapid progression in something very close to your heart. It seems that something you have been working hard to bring about, has been moving very slowly for quite some time. That begins to change now, and you can see success in your very near future. As you move closer, you will also find that you now have the courage to speak up as you discover a newfound confidence in yourself and your abilities. This will lead to further inspiration yet, as well as the implementation of strong organisational skills that you possibly hadn’t realised you possess. There is much good news coming your way shortly and you will be completing a chapter. This is also a great month to let go of any habits or entanglements that have been holding you back to make way for new situations. Although it may feel unsettling to do this in the beginning, it will lead to clearer understanding of yourself and why you do things the way you do, as well as a realisation of how to make your life easier and happier in the future.

Aquarius General Reading – October 2022

Aquarius, you are headed into a new beginning this month, one which will bring real and tangible results. You instinctively know that whatever you start now, will bring about stable and secure results ultimately and you are stepping forward in a rational and clear way. However, be aware of the need for boundaries as well as potentially facing a difficult situation in the short term. Although there is a need to focus and move forward with determination and consistency, you should also be careful to not step on toes or be so forceful that you create problems in close relationships. No man is an island as they say and excluding others’ opinions and/or feelings on certain subjects’, may just lead to some estrangement that you aren’t prepared for. You also appear to be undergoing some changes in consciousness during October and could come to a realisation that you have previously made decisions based on ego and logic alone. Now you are starting to see instead that intuition and emotion sometimes also have their part to play.

Capricorn General Reading – October 2022

Capricorn, something in your world is coming to a conclusion now, in a most positive and abundant way. Something you have worked hard at is bringing a great pay out one way or another and opening the doors to newer, bigger, and even more lucrative things. This can as easily pertain to money as to a relationship. The pay off is abundance, which could be financial or emotional, or merely a huge boost to confidence. You will be feeling accomplished and content, but it is important to share this bounty with those close to you as you don’t want to make them feel left out of such an important stage of your life. As October draws on, your will be eager to start something new and what better time with your confidence so high and memories of this most recent success, still so strong and influential. If this is related to a romantic relationship, you may be thinking of taking things to the next level, or else renewing your commitment to a long term relationship.

Sagittarius General Tarot Reading – October 2022

Sagittarius, this is a month of personal renewal for you in many ways. October brings the opportunity to see things that you may have been missing, as well as finding a new way of moving forward with a project that has been on the back burner for many weeks or possibly months. A sudden realisation will have you moving things forward again, but with a slight divergence from your previous plan. Even better is the fact that you will quickly find that this change brings you even more happiness and enthusiasm than you had previously imagined, merely in the work you put into it and that it has the potential to be everything you want, need and more. You will really begin to see your own power now and if you have been focusing on everything but yourself and the best path for you, you will find a way to change that in a way that means other commitments also become easier to fulfil.

Scorpio General Tarot Reading – October 2022

Scorpio, hold on to your hat, things are coming at you thick and fast this month and mostly unexpectedly. There can be misunderstandings now generally in the form of miscommunication. You know the direction you want to go in, but someone crucial is not on the same page and this can cause disruption and frustration. It’s as though you can see the end game but no one around you sees it in quite the same way, so you need to be very clear about your vision and your wants and needs now. You also need to be very persistent in pursuing your chosen course of action, which you should find quite easy during October. This is also an important month for setting boundaries and seeing the people around you clearly and without those rose-coloured glasses you like to wear at times. You should also find it easy to manifest your desires over the next couple of weeks so if there is something you have been longing for, put your energy into creating it.

General Tarot Reading for Libra – October 2022

Libra, October sees you focusing on creating something sustainable when it comes to your security, particularly financial. While this can also relate to taking a relationship to the next level, it is more likely that you are putting copious amounts of effort into your career or business. You are looking to create something that will have a solid foundation and stand the test of time as well as provide you with a better and more stable standard of living. This isn’t just for purely selfish reasons, as you are just as concerned with providing this stability for those close to you. Remember to also look at what you already have, as internal wealth is just as important. You are also working hard to build happier relationships this month, romantic, familial, friendships as well as in the work area. Whatever it is that you are working towards, comes with a deep emotional connection and a strong instinct that you are going in the right direction but also a caution that if there are instances where you seem to hit a roadblock, don’t give up or start second guessing yourself, this is temporary and things will move again soon

General Tarot Reading for Virgo – October 2022

Virgo, this month sees you letting go of some outdated ideas, habits, and routines, as a situation suddenly pops up that requires some out of the box thinking. You will find this much easier than you have in the past as something that appears unresolvable forces you to ditch your comfort zones. As the month wears on, you will begin to see how you have limited yourself by your thinking and recognise that some of your previous beliefs led to self fulfilling prophesies and slowed your growth in various areas of life. You are moving into a time of personal renewal and change and while you may not see it immediately, a whole new cycle. If you have an important decision to make now have faith that you will make the correct one, leading to something quite wonderful. Rest assured that there are some amazing experiences headed your way which will leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled than you have ever been.

General Tarot Reading for Leo – October 2022

Leo, the beginning of the month looks to be a little conflictual for you, with someone challenging you in either a work or relationship setting. It might be tempting for you to just go with the flow to avoid contention, but that would be taking the easy way out and it is important not to back down now. While compromise is usually important, in this instance you need to make sure that it is your own interests that are best served. It is possible too that this relates to an internal conflict – in which case, your instinct is already pointing you in the right direction, so it is time to start heading that way. Take control of this situation and show focus and commitment then you will soon see others’ come around to your way of thinking. To do nothing could bring you to a position of discontentment which will just lead to further inaction, whereas putting in the time and energy now, will take you to a much happier, healthier, and more stable place before October ends.

General Tarot Reading for Cancer – October 2022

Cancer, as the month begins you realize that you have been undergoing some lessons in adaptability as something changed for you recently and caused an upheaval in your routines. You are also beginning to see that you have much more internal power and resolve then you previously believed. You suddenly have an ability to go with the flow rather than needing to always be in control of every detail. As October progresses there is even more change for you and there’s a huge need to find a balance to be effective. This is possibly juggling two situations, for example home and work. Despite everything there will still be times over the next few weeks where you perhaps feel overwhelmed and possibly burdened, as new and ever pressing responsibilities appear to be coming your way thick and fast. If you feel your confidence dwindling just make sure to take a short break and regroup and you’ll come back stronger than ever. It is also important to establish clear boundaries where necessary as this is going to be a demanding time for you, but one that will ultimately lead to bigger and better things.

General Reading for Gemini – October 2022

Gemini, October sees you embroiled in an exhilarating and intense situation that seems to be quite new but also reasonably well established. This is a partnership of some kind and could be either a romantic or business relationship. Either way it seems as though you do want to take it to the next level but are having some doubts. There’s some anxiety attached to this, but it has more to do with your mindset than any basis in fact. The reality is that you thought long and hard before moving forward with this in the first place and spent quite some time putting any previous fears on to the back burner. If you take a detached look at this situation, you’ll see that it is a lot more secure than you have been feeling and makes you happier than you have been in some time. Now you just have to make a conscious effort to push away those doubts and decide that you are jumping in with both feet.