Scorpio General Tarot Reading – October 2022

Scorpio, hold on to your hat, things are coming at you thick and fast this month and mostly unexpectedly. There can be misunderstandings now generally in the form of miscommunication. You know the direction you want to go in, but someone crucial is not on the same page and this can cause disruption and frustration. It’s as though you can see the end game but no one around you sees it in quite the same way, so you need to be very clear about your vision and your wants and needs now. You also need to be very persistent in pursuing your chosen course of action, which you should find quite easy during October. This is also an important month for setting boundaries and seeing the people around you clearly and without those rose-coloured glasses you like to wear at times. You should also find it easy to manifest your desires over the next couple of weeks so if there is something you have been longing for, put your energy into creating it.