Pisces General Tarot Reading – October 2022

Pisces, October brings rapid progression in something very close to your heart. It seems that something you have been working hard to bring about, has been moving very slowly for quite some time. That begins to change now, and you can see success in your very near future. As you move closer, you will also find that you now have the courage to speak up as you discover a newfound confidence in yourself and your abilities. This will lead to further inspiration yet, as well as the implementation of strong organisational skills that you possibly hadn’t realised you possess. There is much good news coming your way shortly and you will be completing a chapter. This is also a great month to let go of any habits or entanglements that have been holding you back to make way for new situations. Although it may feel unsettling to do this in the beginning, it will lead to clearer understanding of yourself and why you do things the way you do, as well as a realisation of how to make your life easier and happier in the future.