General Tarot Reading for Libra – October 2022

Libra, October sees you focusing on creating something sustainable when it comes to your security, particularly financial. While this can also relate to taking a relationship to the next level, it is more likely that you are putting copious amounts of effort into your career or business. You are looking to create something that will have a solid foundation and stand the test of time as well as provide you with a better and more stable standard of living. This isn’t just for purely selfish reasons, as you are just as concerned with providing this stability for those close to you. Remember to also look at what you already have, as internal wealth is just as important. You are also working hard to build happier relationships this month, romantic, familial, friendships as well as in the work area. Whatever it is that you are working towards, comes with a deep emotional connection and a strong instinct that you are going in the right direction but also a caution that if there are instances where you seem to hit a roadblock, don’t give up or start second guessing yourself, this is temporary and things will move again soon