General Tarot Reading for Leo – October 2022

Leo, the beginning of the month looks to be a little conflictual for you, with someone challenging you in either a work or relationship setting. It might be tempting for you to just go with the flow to avoid contention, but that would be taking the easy way out and it is important not to back down now. While compromise is usually important, in this instance you need to make sure that it is your own interests that are best served. It is possible too that this relates to an internal conflict – in which case, your instinct is already pointing you in the right direction, so it is time to start heading that way. Take control of this situation and show focus and commitment then you will soon see others’ come around to your way of thinking. To do nothing could bring you to a position of discontentment which will just lead to further inaction, whereas putting in the time and energy now, will take you to a much happier, healthier, and more stable place before October ends.