Capricorn General Reading – October 2022

Capricorn, something in your world is coming to a conclusion now, in a most positive and abundant way. Something you have worked hard at is bringing a great pay out one way or another and opening the doors to newer, bigger, and even more lucrative things. This can as easily pertain to money as to a relationship. The pay off is abundance, which could be financial or emotional, or merely a huge boost to confidence. You will be feeling accomplished and content, but it is important to share this bounty with those close to you as you don’t want to make them feel left out of such an important stage of your life. As October draws on, your will be eager to start something new and what better time with your confidence so high and memories of this most recent success, still so strong and influential. If this is related to a romantic relationship, you may be thinking of taking things to the next level, or else renewing your commitment to a long term relationship.