Aquarius General Reading – October 2022

Aquarius, you are headed into a new beginning this month, one which will bring real and tangible results. You instinctively know that whatever you start now, will bring about stable and secure results ultimately and you are stepping forward in a rational and clear way. However, be aware of the need for boundaries as well as potentially facing a difficult situation in the short term. Although there is a need to focus and move forward with determination and consistency, you should also be careful to not step on toes or be so forceful that you create problems in close relationships. No man is an island as they say and excluding others’ opinions and/or feelings on certain subjects’, may just lead to some estrangement that you aren’t prepared for. You also appear to be undergoing some changes in consciousness during October and could come to a realisation that you have previously made decisions based on ego and logic alone. Now you are starting to see instead that intuition and emotion sometimes also have their part to play.