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What is the best career path for your sign? How do you handle money? Discover financial abundance and success by the stars.

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What is each sign like in love? How well do you match with the other zodiac signs? Our relationship & compatibility horoscopes tell all!

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Learn your Life Path number and how it shapes your personality, choices and each year of your life! Plus, our monthly numerology column!

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Birth Chart

Go beyond your basic Sun sign horoscope and discover the position of ALL the planets in your chart at birth.

Tarot Reading

Let the cards help you reveal and decode the mysteries of the year ahead with a fully personalised reading, either in person or by Skype

Personal Forecasts

What is in store for you? let our forecasts and predictors help you see ahead and make the right decisions at the right time.

Relationship Report

Discover your personal power and unlock the secrets of affection and compatibility with a Relationship Report.

Karma and Pastlives

What is your ultimate destiny? Discover where your soul has traveled, your present life purpose, and exactly where your Karma is leading you

Astrology Packages

Fully personalised readings, charts, reports and forecasts; in person or by Skype with beautifully presented reports.

Detailed Horoscopes

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